Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can I or Will I? Nº4, pigment print, 49"x16". © Robert S. Nover

Clouds Nº8, pigment print, 30"x10.6", © 2007 Robert S. Nover

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 Cloud Series

Clouds Nº13+14_2.2
Clouds Nº13+14_2.2, 46.5"x14.5", pigment print. © 2007 Robert S. Nover

  • Clouds and Homage to Morris series has been two years in the making. I've developed a process by which I take a single photograph and make multiple copies (sometimes upwards of twenty). These copies are placed on separate layers in Photoshop. Each layer has its own unique settings of opacity and color attributes. When I am satisfied with the results all layers are then flattened to create the final image.
  • The inspiration for the Clouds series came from my childhood. In the summer time, I used to lay on my front lawn in Los Angeles and look up at the cloud formations in the sky. This was at a time, before freeways and smog, when LA had blue skies and white puffy clouds. The delicate transitions of tones that morphed into various shapes, brought me great joy and tranquility as a child. As an fine artist today, I get a chance to recreate that experience and add my own colors to the sky.
  • In upcoming posts I will display all of the images in the series.