Monday, June 1, 2009

EveryMan, Woman and Child Series

Mother and Son, 2009
©2009 Robert S. Nover

This image is the start of a new series I call, EveryMan, Woman and Child.
The concept of this series started last year when I began to observe how the entire human race was going through tremendous upheaval. We are asked to do more with less in the business world. Some of us have no jobs. The people that have jobs are being asked to do the work that normally two or three people would have done. Our thoughts and ideas are going through radical changes as well. Everyday we are asked to question our past and adapt to the new. New political leaders, new forms of communicating, new economy, new energy, new wars, new ideas of what is a family and marriage, new science, new ways of reinventing ourselves in the work place, new reduced salaries and benefits and so on and so on.

Obviously these changes have been coming on for awhile, but it just seems like we are finally waking up to the fact that we are undergoing a radical transformation inwardly and outwardly at a much faster pace. We are being asked to become more modular and flexible. The images in this series represent the adaptation we are being ask to endure to survive.